Thank you for Registering!  Please complete the Strong Interest Inventory by following the instructions below.

The results will be shared with you during a meeting that will be scheduled.

As you take these assessments, remember that the more honestly you answer the questions, the more meaningful the data will be.  This measures your preferences, so please make sure your responses reflect your inner-most feelings, and not how you feel others would want you to respond, or how your company would want you to respond.  The output of your assessment will be given to YOU ALONE as no other copies are shared with anyone else in your organization.  You may be urged to share your results in our session as part of our conversation and learning around Communication and Trust.

Please note that to properly use the site your Internet browser must meet the minimum requirements of Microsoft® Internet Explorer Version 4.01 Service Pack 2 or Netscape Navigator™ Version 4.72.  The site is fully functional with Navigator™ Version 6.  If you experience difficulties, please contact Debbie Featherston, or call her at: Indianapolis: 317.902.8952 or Melbourne: 321.984.3230.

In order to access the website please follow the directions below:

1. Using a web browser (not a search engine) access the assessment site at:

2. Enter the following Login (case sensitive):


3. Enter the following Password (case sensitive):


4. Leave “User ID” blank (unless you are returning and have been given a User ID # by the site)

Click enter

5. Your Batch Name is pjon.

6. From the menu, next to the instrument displayed:

Click on the instrument that you have been instructed to take. Start with the MBTI® Form Q and then click the “TAKE IT” button.

Once it is completed, choose the next instrument to take.

7. You will now be prompted to fill out a demographics page:

Provide the requested demographic information.  Then click the “Submit” button.

8. After completing the assessment, at the bottom of the page

Click done

9. If you have not completed all the questions, you will see another message prompting you to either “resume” or click “I’m done”.  Please DO NOT close your browser without following this specific instruction or your assessment will not be submitted.

Click I’m Done (if completed) or Resume (to complete your assessment)

If you click “I’m Done” without completing enough questions for a statistically valid response to be generated, you will receive a message requesting that you resume answering before submitting.  Note that your responses will not be forwarded for scoring until you have responded to enough items to generate a valid score for your report.

Once you have completed the MBTI Step II-form Q, log out.

Remember to call  at Melbourne 321-984-3230  or  Indianapolis: 317.902.8952 with any questions or issues as you complete these assessments.

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