#1 – Company adopts learning culture as driver to attract and retain top talent
Challenge: Study findings revealed that 60% of technical workforce was retirement eligible within 5 years. Organization did not have a succession plan or sufficient qualified workforce to replace exiting talent.

Our Approach: Partnered with a Fortune 100 company to transform its culture to a learning culture. This large scale project involved key stakeholders from all levels and every functional group.  After conducting a thorough needs analysis, drafting a detailed project plan, and recruiting champions, we communicated a compelling business case for We designed, developed and operated a Learning & Development Center that offered a blended learning solution.  Learning resources included career coaching, educational advising, computer based training, online learning, classroom training, comprehensive library with printed materials, audiotapes, and CDs. To promote employee growth, mobility and advancement families of competency models were built and supported by curriculum maps and selection tools. Coached and developed select personnel to internally operate the Center to ensure sustained results.

Outcome: Organization was successful in leveraging the Learning & Development Center as a tool to attract and retain a top performing workforce. Higher levels of employee engagement were achieved.




#2 – Fortune 1000 company launches in-placement initiative to retain top talent

Challenge: Due to the ending of a 25-year old project over 187 employees were losing their jobs at two corporate sites at the same time the company was launching a wireless division that needed about 235 employees.


Our Approach: Partnered with client to design and implement an initiative to assist impacted employees identify alternative careers within the company’s new business line.  Facilitated 1:1 and group coaching sessions. Also conducted workshops educating employees how to effectively manage their career within the organization as well as to conduct an internal job search.. Sessions included researching opportunities, networking, resume development, and interviewing skills.


Outcome: Company significantly reduced its recruitment and selection costs by retaining over 40% of those impacted by the closed project. Additional benefits included retention of employees’ intellectual property, knowledge of the company’s practices and policies which enabled them to begin contributing faster.




#3 – Prime Shuttle contractor launches change management program to aid transitioning workforce

Challenge: Fears of unemployment affect mission critical workforce’s morale during time that its vital they remain focused to ensure each mission’s success. Over 5,000 positions being eliminated due to the retirement of the Space Shuttle program in county where 90% of employers have 10 or less employees.


Our Approach: Collaborated with client to tailor a manager’s version and an employee’s version of a change management workshop.  Participants gained a conceptual framework for dealing with change along with practical tools and processes that enabled them to move themselves and others through the change cycle.  Individual coaching sessions were conducted to help managers and employees effectively apply the principles and concepts to every day situations.


Outcomes: Employees reported they felt better prepared to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty; lead others through change; balance work-life stressors associated with the anticipated layoff; and were able to begin planning for future. Overall employee morale and workplace safety were increased.




#4 – Fast growing company with high demand for well-trained, effective supervisors
Challenge: A fast growing company that protects over 90% of Fortune 500 utility and telecommunication assets in 19 states, whose volume of business increased over 30% in one quarter, identified the need for well-trained, effective leaders who could influence an increase in employee retention.

Our Approach: Designed, developed and facilitated a 5-module Supervisory Development course to train existing and prospective supervisory candidates.  Conducted pilot for all modules, facilitated a train-the-trainer for their Human Resource Managers who delivered the training across all 38 divisions. Tailored program to develop Supervisors to more effectively lead their teams, develop and coach their workforce, while consistently meet corporate goals as order volume, timeliness, accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Outcomes: Overall impact is still being measured. Feedback from the field to date is that the training has increased their confidence, knowledge and skill in handling diverse employee issues. Some reported a better understanding of their role as a supervisor while more seasoned supervisors reported more effectiveness in delegation, time management, and building a high trust environment.

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