Daniel Kahneman on Charlie Rose talking about ‘fast’ or intuitive-style thinking, and ‘slow’ or willful, rational thinking. Unsurprisingly, we do too much fast thinking and it’s not to our advantage despite Malcolm Gladwell’s assertions in ‘Blink.’ Kahneman addresses this directly.

Short clip here underlining the reasons for reticence within organizations to adopt methodologies that emphasize rationality over intuition–Kahneman says it’s because emphasizing rationality causes problems with leadership, placing them under closer scrutiny. Full clip here

Naturally, we’d like to work on becoming better decision makers, but the interesting thing to think about here is how differently we would think about leadership–the expectations and¬†responsibilities¬†and even who we would deem qualified to lead if we judged leaders by the thoroughness and correctness of their thinking and not their qualities as personalities or demagogues.